Crappie (Or Speckled Perch) Fishing in Northeastern North Carolina

The rivers of the Albemarle Sound have some of the finest crappie fishing in the country. The best fishing is from late fall to late spring with 50 fish days a possibility. To keep them they must be a minimum length of 8 inches, with a limit of 25 per person per day. Using a variety of different methods, I fish for crappie in many different bodies of water throughout northeastern North Carolina.

The spring spawn is as good as it gets. It is my favorite time to fish for them. The fish get up to 14 inches with the occasional 16 or 17 incher caught. I am the only guide in the area that fishes for them and I have enjoyed this kind of fishing since I was a little boy myself. It is also a great trip for the kids.

Speckled Perch
Speckled Perch Fishing

Crappie Fishing!

In the spring you can often find these guys all throughout the tributaries of the Albemarle Sound.


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