Striped Bass Fishing in North Carolina

Charters in the Manns Harbor and Albemarle Sound

Striped Bass in the sounds, rivers and in Manns Harbor North Carolina usually range from 1 to 10 pounds. In the spring when the spawning stock arrives there is a chance for even bigger fish, especially around the Albemarle Sound Bridge. We have stripers year round and the season is open from October 1st to the end of April. The daily limit is 2 fish per person and they must be 18 inches in length.

Casting and trolling is my normal method. Inside fishing is done with light tackle. There are not many days you cannot fish here because of the cover of the back water. This to me is the best fishing for inland striped bass. When the fish are schooling, catching 50 to 100 fish a day is possible.

I have been chasing Stripers in these waters since I was a little boy on the back of my dad's and granddad's boat. Along with Rockfish there are a variety of other fish we target as well, including redfish, trout and flounder. No matter what the wind is like, we usually go fishing. It's a beautiful setting, great for the novice and the experienced angler alike. Fly fishermen are also welcome.

Striped Bass
Striped Bass
Big Stripers

Big Stripers!

In the fall and winter, you can find large striped bass roaming the Albemarle Sound.

A Nice Catch

A Nice Catch

Don't forget to bring your cooler when fishing with Jeff, you will need it!


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